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save.higher.ed collective

The save.higher.ed collective has been established to lobby for affordable and accessible higher education in Australia.

This is a cyber activist/lobby group that is concerned about the state of public higher education in Australia and engages in legitimate forms of cyber activism and electronic civil disobedience as well as inform on cyber activism. This is a basic site developed more for practicality rather than glam - an egroup supports this site. You may be wondering about the gray background - its to remind us that nothing is black or white just varying shades of gray.

Since 1996 Australian higher education has become strongly focused on getting the corporate big bucks. Globalisation and economic rationalism are threatening to destroy Australia's higher education sector and our opportunities for a higher education. Higher education enriches and makes a country prosperous but the Howard government only wants to destroy and commercialise - where ONLY the RICH are WORTHY of a higher education.

Now with the Coalition having a majority in the Senate from July 2005, the future of affordable and accessible higher education is under even greater threat. The Government will seek to fully deregulate and commercialise Australian public universities.

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The Australian Senate late on Friday afternoon (the last sitting day of 2005) passed the Government's extreme and regressive voluntary student unionism legislation and all thanks to Family First's 'Sell Out' Steve Fielding

Australian students now have to move to ensure their on-going voice is heard nationally and regionally.  VSU IS PASSED The save.higher.ed collective will continue to campaign against VSU and for affordable and accessible higher education for ALL Australians.

That is why something needs to be done about?

Saving the Student Union movement in Australia.


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